Safe Shopping Tips

With the increasing proliferation of fraud, both of fraudsters who pretends to be a buyer or pretending to be sellers, then reminds you with a few tips on safe online shopping.

Tips Online Shopping Safely

  1. Prioritizing of payment by Cash On Delivery (COD).
  2. The characteristics of the online store Fraudster:
    • The absence of the account number listed on the website, you'll receive an account number from which the SMS account number is always changing
    • With photo or scan of ID card, business license, etc
    • The price is very cheap, half or a third of the normal price
    • Sellers using a free domain name (Tk,,, etc.), blogspot, wordpress and other free blog sites, but can be sold very cheap
    • Sellers admitted Black Market products so cheap price. Keep in mind the price of goods Black Market unlikely half price
  3. Ask all account numbers, do not mention one of the banks. Just ask all. If only 1, this reduces the level of confidence. An online seller who really have more than one account number, with the name of the same account holder.
  4. Invite a friend if you choose a place not in the home buyer or seller, use a SAFE, and COMFORTABLE CROWDED.
  5. Check with the good condition of the goods (for buyers), check well and calculate the amount of money (for the seller). Avoid shopping in a hurry and did not examine the goods or money
  6. Do not be easily tempted by cheap prices and away from the market price, for various reasons
  7. If the seller has a website, check the seller's website, starting from the domain, the domain owner, phone number domain. Check Whois Record, for example in The older the age of the domain made, the greater the confidence level. In contrast, the younger the age of a domain, the smaller the confidence level. Check also in, the smaller the Alexa ranking, the greater the confidence level. Instead bigger Alexa ranking, then the smaller the confidence level. Avoid if Alexa Rank of more than 3,000,000. If the seller is using a free domain name (tk,, etc.), blogspot, wordpress it had reduced the level of confidence of 25%. Not possible online stores with products that are plentiful and cheap, but only using a free domain, blogspot and wordpress. Domain price per year is only about USD 10,-, web hosting space only USD 10,- / year.
  8. A very simple way, type the name of the buyer or seller, buyer or seller phone number in Google If he is the seller, it is commonly found on websites selling online. Use a simple test, for example, add keywords fraudsters behind. See and observe the search